Afsluitdijk 1c, 8752 TP,

Restaurant Skom

Besides the interactive exhibition, you can find our restaurant Skom in the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center. In order to be able to guarantee all the measures taken due do to the Covid-19 Virus, the concept of our restaurant has changed temporarily. Starting wednesday 15th of July, our restaurant has a menu and the dishes are being served at the table. Curious about our menu? Look over here! The restaurant with terrace has a stunning view over the IJsselmeer. Next to our regular guests, we also like to welcome groups in our restaurant for different purposes, like a (networking) drink, family gathering or symposium.

Are you looking for some inspiration how to organize such a day at the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center? Please do not hesitate to contact us, we are more than pleased to help you!


Would you like to welcome your guests with a cup of coffee and a sweet treat? Discover our welcome packages to make a good start of your day!

Frysk welcome à € 8,50 per person

2 cups of coffee/tea or lemonade with the Frisian treat ‘oranjekoek’

Frysk welcome Luxe à € 10,00 per person
2 cups of coffee/tea or lemonade with a choice of a variety of luxurious pastries


We offer our guests the following lunch packages:

Lunch Zilt à € 14,50 per person

House soup
Choice of various types of bread, croissants and sugar bread
Various meat & salty cheeses and sweet spreads
Unlimited coffee / tea / milk

Lunch de Dijk à € 14,50 per person
Milk & orange juice
House soup
Choice of one sandwich; baguette, Italian bun or multigrain bun


Lunch t Wad € 17,50 per person
House soup
Choice of various sandwiches with local products, carpaccio and smoked fish wraps, vegetarian quiches
Rich stuffed green salad
Yogurt with fresh fruit
Unlimited coffee / tea / milk / orange juice


For groups consisting at a maximum of 20 persons, we can offer you the following dinner possibilities:

2 course dinner à € 25,50 per person

Main course from the grill or the wok (meat, fish or vegatarian)
Dessert, for example Dame Blanche or a luxurious coffee

3 course dinner à € 29,50 per person
Main course from the grill or the wok (meat, fish or vegetarian)
Dessert, for example Dame Blanche or a luxurious coffee


For groups with more then 20 persons, we like to offer you one of the following buffets:

Afsluitdijkbuffet à € 21,50 per person

Tomato soup

Russian salad and chicken curry salad
Italian ham and melon
Smoked salmon and smoked trout
Yakitori skewers with sate sauce
Meatballs in tomato sauce
Warm ham with honey mustard sauce
Vegetarian quiche
Meat croquettes
Bread with different spreads
Soft buns

IJsselmeerbuffet à € 32,50 per person
Russian salad and chicken curry salad
Richly filled green salad
Italian ham and melon
Plate with smoked fish
Bread with different spreads
Beef stew
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce
Eastern chicken
Potato gratin
Vegetables of the season
Ice cake
Chocolate mousse
Tower of profiteroles
Fresh fruit and whipped cream


Waddenzeebuffet à € 42,50 per person
Smoked salmon with lime mayonnaise
Shrimp cocktail with whiskey sauce
Pasta salad with tuna
Beef carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, rocket salad, olives and sundried tomatoes
Italian ham with figs and balsamic vinegar
Carpese salad with tomato, mozzarella and basil
Different types of bread with spreads
Samon filet from the oven with pesto, cheese and tomato
Fish stew
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce
Warm ham with honey mustard sauce
Marinated chuck tender
Potato gratin
Vegetables of the season
Vanilla ice cake with red fruits
Chocolate brownie
Fres fruit with whipped cream

Drinks & Bites

Would you like to end your day in Afsluitdijk Wadden Center with a drink and some bites? Then take a look at our drink & bites packages! The following packages can be served for you in our restaurant:

Basic drink & bites package à € 8,50 per person
Variety of cold and warm Dutch bites like cheese, saucage, cucumber, luxurious nuts and different fried snacks.


Luxurious drink & bites package à € 10,00 per person
Variety of cold and warm Dutch bites, like stuffed egs, filled cucumber with cream cheese, wraps with salmon and carpaccio and different fried snacks


Skylounge drink & bites package à € 14,50 per person
Variety of luxurious bites, including Italian ham with melon, yakatori skewers, meat balls, shrimp croquette with lemon mayonnaise, tapenade and old Frisian Cheese.


The costs for the drinks are not included in above mentioned packages, these will be calculated afterwards.

High tea

Enjoy your high tea while you are enjoying the vieuw over the IJsselmeer. It is already possible to enjoy a high tea when you are with 2 persons en takes a maximum of 2,5 hours of your time. Our High tea will be served as a buffet when you are with a group consisting of 20 persons or more.

High tea à € 19,50 per person
Our version of the classic high tea. Different flavours tea. Fresh mint and honey. — a variety of sweet treats, followed by a variety of savery treats. Including chocolates, muffins, sandwiches and wraps

 ‘Bobby fish’ kids party

Did you know that the Afsluitdijk Wadden Center is also a fun place for celebrating the birthday of your son or daughter? Bobby Fish has hid imself all over the exhibition and, together with his/her friends, its the duty of the birthday boy/girl to try to find where Bobby Fish has hidden imself. After this, it is time for fries and a snack for the little detectives! When are you stopping by to celebrate your birthday?

Bobby fish party à € 9,95 per person
Welcome with lemonade and a sweet treat, Bobby Fish scavenger hunt, fries with the choice of a Dutch frikadel, croquette or chicken nuggets